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Vote is on my mind... vote is in my soul... !! Ever since I found out that my name is on the voters list, I am really excited about the whole idea of ballot, voting machine and of course getting my nail painted black!
Now that the voting day is closing in, I'm getting kinda frantic about who is the most deserving candidate, which party I should be voting. I cannot ask anyone for their opinion because that it is a totally private info and should not be revealed. I checked over the internet about the various candidates and all I could get was a sheet with age, name, party and home address of the candidates from my part. Also the soft copy of the affidavit signed by each of the candidate, the copy of the receipt for the payment they have done to get some form etc etc. Why do I need that information? whether they have signed some affidavit or not or whether they have paid the dues or not how would I be benefited? government would have already validated that information and given them the ticket to stand for election. By posting those docs I do not get any information about the ability of the candidates to be an able leader in future.
what am i gonna do with their address? I wont go marching to their house and judge whether he deserves my vote or not by gauging the size of his house and the no of car he owns.
It would have been such an easy task for voters to choose their leaders if govt would publish in one place name and place of all the candidates and their qualification, achievements politically or otherwise, good work done for the area they represent and a small write up about what their plans are for their area if they get elected as the leader.
I do not mind the hoardings of party leaders or the series of party flags lined along the street what I do mind is bursting crackers in the middle of the road in the name of party publicity there by creating traffic jams in the city known very well for its jams. I do not like the fact that villagers are lured with alcohol to come to the city for party demonstration. They are brought in local buses stuffed even atop buses and made to spend the night on road sides. Poor guys agree for all that cause they get alcohol as compensation.
Anyways the whole election process is a big budget movie with good actors and confused,fooled and disappointed audience!!!

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