Decibel pinnacle !!! 'No Sound Horn'

Honk of cycle , scooter , bike , Rickshaw , car , bus , tempo , truck , Rickshaw’s tampered silencer, heavy generator, public party music, wood cutting, public announcements, FM, people talking laughing and guffawing, phone ringing, hitting of keyboard by a software professional… aaaaaaaaaaarggg…raising decibel levels has created a volcano of ear fluid within the fort of my ears.

Peak time, congested road, vehicles stacked miles behind the traffic signal. Necks craning to see the color change from red to green. The moment the signal turns green, everywhere there is honking. Oh yes..! everybody has had a tired day and wants to get back home or wherever as soon as possible. Honking doesn’t mean that vehicles closer to the signal would give way to the ones at the far end of the stack..! everybody is moving, nobody intends to be on the road for long, stuck in a traffic. Then why honk. It wound not aid in anyway.

'Sound horn please' was a sign usually found on the rear end of trucks. But the note has to be rephrased to ‘NO SOUND HORN unnecessarily’ and put on the rear of every vehicle!
But who would put it in the rear of every rider's head.

Birthday Or Mother's day ?

Yesterday was my friend's birthday... ! Coincidental get together, cake and camera and cheers..! not many of us(us as in the gang of gals' members) were there.. But my friend's mom had come to town to be with her daughter on her birthday. Since the B’day gal was there at home itself we could not throw a surprise party and since the lazy bug had bitten us, we were not very enthusiastic about going out. So we brought the cake in the B’day gal’s presence, cajoled her to light the candles herself and set the table... ! camera clicking, we all clapping and cake licking..and the carnival ends.
All throughout the birthday celebration aunty was there watching us, smiling, singing along..! she watched us go crazy on our silly jokes. She watched her daughter enjoying the day, receiving wishes, gifts and phone calls since midnight. She was silent and smiling . That’s when I watched her… and it felt weird that we were celebrating. Why do we celebrate our birthdays? To commemorate that we were born on someday. We forget that mothers brought us into the world undergoing a great deal of pain, trouble and anxiety. I don’t even have equivalent words to explain the pain they would have gone through , probably I can’t even mention about it until I give birth myself. And on the birthday we celebrate our arrival into the world with friends! Aren’t we missing out on wishing the mothers and leaving a congratulatory note?
Shouldn’t we be spending at least a day, especially birthday with our mother?
On my birthday I think of how old I am, and how I had celebrated my last birthday, who all did not wish me last year, all the statistics of wishers, wishes and gifts I have received over the years. Of all the permutation and combinations of who all I had wished on their birthdays but dint get wishes from them on my birthday. I try to rethink and recollect the B’day celebrations of my first years but nothing much comes to my mind. But mothers have all the memories of our childhood right from our very first birthday. Not even once have I thought about the fact that my mother was the one who brought me into this world and I should be congratulating her and being with her, making her feel that the pain she had gone through years back this day, is worth it. Birthday is in fact Mothers’ day. They also should be receiving calls, gifts and wishes! I don’t need to pick someday, which is irrelevant to her and celebrate it as Mother’s day. It gives me a sense of pride and gratification if I celebrate my birthday with my mother. Yes! it is like sharing the lime light but should we even think about it of all the lime light and other sacrifices that they have done for us?
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