Hopes or Nopes

Ver well said - "Hope is the reason for living" !!! I always wake up in the morning with a hope that the day will go good. does it end at that? No. Hope continues to rule my day over each activity. I hope that the pancakes I prepare turn out good, I hope to reach office early,I wish to get less work atleast on friday so that I can leave early. All is hope for this living.
But it is also said that "Desire - the reason for unhappiness" ! I equate hope to desire. If I dont hope that the pancakes I make to turn out good and if it goes bad, then I would feel really bad ; true ; but had I hoped for it to turn out good and if it went bad then I would have felt really reallly bad!! so that is the toll hope takes on us. It is better to fall from a chair than from a wall and even so from a building. So the take is - Higher the expectation, higher is the disappointment for not meeting the expectations.
Is it as simple as it sounds? Dont hope. live life as it comes. No... it is really a hard thing not to think of one thing that makes me feel happy about. But just imagine the joy you experience when you do not expect anything and it comes to you on its own.. ! It is like somebody giving to you the most costliest designer wear you always wished for, dreamt of, spoken of , for FREE. Isnt' that overwhelming joy boundless? Yes it is!
So the moral is "Always start with a hope that you would not start hoping for the best start!"

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