Ridge gourd Chutney (Ghosale sira chutney)

My mom is a great cook too and a health freak. she has such a good figure even now that I look like her big sister. She must have plucked hair from her head making me eat all the healthy stuff she prepares.
She makes Ghosale sira chutney (Ridge gourd skin chuntey) which I just adore. I started cooking when I came to Bangalore to work and one day I brought ridge gourd, removed the ridges and make the usual upkari with grated coconut. and with the ridges i thought I could make chutney. Directly ground the ingredients and the ridges. it tasted so bad that i could not ‘repair’ it! all went to the drain. It was then i called helpline mom and asked for the recipe. The main point was that I had to fry the ridges..!!(too long a story for a simple chutney isn’t it..:))well, here it is
Grated coconut -3/4th cup
Ridge gourd (medium size) - 1
Cumin seeds -1 tblspn
tamarind juice 1 tblspn
pepper 2-3
oil - 1 tblspn
Asafoetida - 1 pinch
green chillies 2-3

Method:Heat oil in a pan and put split green chillies and cumin seeds. Once it changes colour put the ridges only and fry it. let it for 2 minutes and then put 1/4 glass water and cover the pan with a lid. let it be on low flame for 10 mins.turn off the heat and let it cool.Once cooled grind it with the rest of the ingredients.Heat 1-2 drops of oil and hing(Asafoetida) in it and add it to the chutney. (my mom says hing phullenu ghalka which in literal English translation means ‘fluff up Asafoetida’)
Ghosale sira chutney is ready to serve

Note:if the ridges are not cooked well then it gives a not so good raw taste.

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vicky said...

Well, I've tasted this chutney and I must confess it was just wonderful !

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