Intro to Crunch-Munch

Never knew blogging could be such an addiction. After marriage the major difficult task I faced was cooking. Cooking a simple dinner would take hours and the exhaustion after that would wreck any good mood following! I would call up mom before cooking and ask for the in-detail recipe and note it down. still while cooking it some more doubts would crop up. So instead of calling up on mom decided to check the internet. I must admit here that I am very much impressed and inspired by Shilpa of Aayi's recipe. the way she has written about cooking the simplest meal with pictures is very good. for example, some months back frying chapati/roti was an alien thing to me no matter how many times my mom told me the correct way, I would mess it up. Finally Aayi’s recipe helped me. When so many foodie blogs are there what is so special in this blog one might wonder! well, my intention is to try and post fast to cook meals which would be beneficial to the blog visitors as well as to myself at a later point in time.
So here is my try ... ! Crunch Munch it is!!

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