Far east museums

Brussels has around 100+ museums out of which I have shortlisted my favourite ones which I want to visit atleast once. First wednesday of every month is free museum entry and I plan the day out well in advance to make use of the 'free' entries. This time I went to this   museum called "museum of the far east" with a friend who I had met in Brussels. This museum  has a Chinese pavilion and a Japanese tower. The dark grey coloured wooden supports inside reminded me of a typical ancient Kerala house, the water body right outside the Japanese tower was like a country side backyard in a typical south Indian village and I remembered my grandfather's place in Golgod. Phew!!! 
Visitors are allowed only till the first floor of the Japanese tower and the inside walls along the staircase are lined up with Japanese stained glass paintings. Since no description was in english it was quite disappointing to just see the displayed items. The entry to Chinese pavilion was hidden and we had to take 2 rounds around the structure to find the entrance, which of-course was worth the search. the whole structure inside was painted in golden shade with huge mirrors and sculptures. The first floor had themed rooms painted in the same shade of the china-ware displayed inside the room. And one of the rooms had just different tea pots and just beautiful collection. The visit would have been very disappointing if not for the beautiful chinaware. 

Best part :
We can take pics inside the museum
China ware was fantabulous and a treat to the eyes.

Sad part: 
All descriptions are either in French or Dutch. Anything in English would have been very well appreciated.  
The museum itself is quite far and the direction boards are very confusing. Even google maps shows incorrect tram-stops.  

Chinese Pavilion
View of Japanese tower at the entrance

Stained glass artwork
Loved the bamboo and Geese on this urn.

Japanese porcelain artwork
Japanese paintings on Japanese porcelain
Japanese tower- Ceiling 

Chinese paintings  on Chinaware
Eye catchy Chinese lanterns inside the museum cafetaria

Chinese Pavilion

Light fixtures

tea pot

Look who  is here ? peeking pigeon

And I got the pigeon framed

It was a nice bright sunny day

And I was there! :)

And here we are! :)

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