Cats and gals

Today was a 'so-so' day with 2 OK sketches and 2 bad ones .  2 cats and 2 ladies. Uploading all to showcase the learning curve. the curve doesn't seem to go better at all. Spent around 15 - 20 mins on each and killed the afternoon nap time.
1. windows desktop wallpaper with kitten sleeping on a guitar.  Initially decided to watercolour it but the pen with which I was drawing, smudges and is not water proof. So made this one with just the pen. The kitten doesn't look very innocent in this as it was in the original. yet overall it looks neat. 

2. Had saved this tiger pic for one of my concept sketch but you all know, I have a great backlog of such concept sketches. this was another model for today's sketch.

3. Had sketched this girl with the scarf sometime back and todayI was all geared up to do a watercolor on to a sketch done with pen, I redid this girl in the pen and played on it with colours and I had vanished her innocent, sweet and she looked weird.  

4.  Was trying to make a sketch of a friend and I overdid the eye lids and the cheek bones and decided to stop it.  I do not want to tag the friend as this looks crude and does no justice to her pretty face. But I really liked the top she is wearing. 

I'm probably better at drawing animals than human portraits. 
But again, this is learning so all sorts of sketches are self-appreciated. 

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