Plum Blossom

Another colour+ another wash + youtube search + copy cat= a nice cute painting + lots of joy!
Chineese painting is simple but the quality of the end result depends on the type of brush , paper, the technique and confidence in each stroke. I do not have any chineese brush or ink or anything chineese but for the chinaware bowls stashed farthest back in the cupboard for being so delicate. So to make this, I used a normal round brush with the tip slightly pointed . Plum blossom is actually light pink in colour but since I had this sheet washed with faded peach-orange I used a mix of crimson and purple to get a darker shade of blossom, which would stand out against the background.
I referred to this ChineeseCalligraphy's channel for painting this one.

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binaisha said...

Hi Shilpa..
Awesome work! Enjoyed going through your blog..You are really very creative.

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