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I tried my hand at painting with a double loaded brush and it was a disaster.
My notes on double loading
1. It is best to use thick paints like gouache or acrylic
2. Tubes are better as you can place the colours next to each other. No half pans as you drain out getting the pigment on the pallete.
3. Nice wide flat brush is a must
 I generally keep a roll of toilet tissue near the painting area as named by VR, I'm a bit clumsy and I often drop or spill things. Today when doing the double loaded wash I realised the roll was empty and so I took this kitchen roll to dab the excess paint from the sides of the washed sheet and voila!! I had the nice design of the kithen towel on my washed paint.

Thrilled with this tissue effect, I made a fresh wash of ultramarine blue on a new sheet and dabbed another kitchen towel and I have this nice paisleys etched on. Not a perfect wash as I was more keen on dabbing the tissue yet the results are amazing. I might not be able to do any painting on these sheets but I intend to do some sketches or a doodle.

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