Reuse - Pencil and Brush organiser

These days I save anything that can be reused. Some of the most useful items are food packaging boxes, insides of tissue rolls, packaging thermocol, used toothbrush etcetc.   Since I dwell mostly on pencils and paints these days and was finding it difficult to pick anything from the flimsy clumsy zipper bag where I had dumped all the paint and sketch accessories. So made this organiser with 6 tissue rolls and a rectangle food packaging box(came with the mushrooms). I have brushes, graphite pencils, pens, colour pencils, shading pencils, mechanical pencils. The only remaining thing is to paint these rolls and I'm sure it will look fabulous.
It looks neat and compact now.

There was a time when I would yell at mom for saving all these kind of items. she kept them to do some craft work and she always said "you never know when they will be useful". I asked her to buy whatever she wanted from the market yet she never stopped saving them. Some times she would forget that she had saved something and it would just lie around for years then one day while cleaning she would throw all of them away and start collecting afresh.
I always say "I never know when I'll become like my mom"! :)

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