Minutes count

Life is fast! is it?  couple of days back I was very frustrated with myself for taking break from work and opting to come to Brussels with my husband and that too during winter. European winters are the worst and anyone can go crazy sitting at home the whole day unless you have something to keep yourself busy with. I have sketching , painting and facebooking to do and so I'm kind of fully busy but even this can get boring once in a while. So until few days back I had this routine.After VR leaves for work, I slept again and woke up only at noon this way I felt that half the day was already over and I had only 5 more hours to run the errands before VR returned. This felt good but however I started putting on more weight since I slept more. So I had to stop this routine.
These days once VR leave to work I make tea, wash utensils, clean the house and sit for my art work.  Sometimes I skip breakfast deliberately and somedays I forget to eat. Its only when my tummy starts grumbling I force myself to give the work a break and make something for myself like soup and thawed vegetables or a sandwich or I have the left over meals from previous dinner. The soup I have is interesting as I just have to add hot water to the sachet of soup powder and while the water is heating, I can solve the  puzzle printed on the back of the sachet. Sudoku, crossword, word finder, number games are all there. I enjoy making soup and solving these puzzles as well. Even the waiting time is busy.

I'm on all this work and some days I just go for long walks and somedays I get on knitting. Other days I just watch a movie. At 5 I start to cook dinner and from 6 to 7 I do exercise. I do Ramdev baba's 'motapa kam karne ke aasan' (Obesity removing yoga poses)'. Somedays I skip that too and just browse until VR comes back. Then we have dinner, watch TV for a while and sleep by 10 PM.
There was old man who lived in our neighbourhood a decade back. He was probably 70 and a retired man. His sons managed his business and all he did was watch TV,eat,sleep on his easy chair, walk in the evening and chew pan. He would say "Kelsaanu illa purusottu illa" "No work at all yet no free time". I found that funny then but now I understand what he meant.
Life surely is busy!

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