Knowledge is not power it is fear!

I booked a flat yesterday. After a lot of “site”-seeing, I bought an apartment in Nandi woods finally. I did not have much knowledge about Vasthu except that the house should not be south facing. I never considered vasthu as a major factor for buying a site but I was very specific about the light, wind, spacing between the 2 buildings. This flat is a corner flat with 3 sides open and east facing. So I immediately booked it. now I’m studying Vasthu and reading about the concepts and applicability of it. South east kitchen and east facing house constitute 80% of vasthu compliance blah blah… !! So applying this the flat that I have booked has some 3-4 main key points which are perfect vasthu compliant but the other 30% is not. Now that I’m quite knowledgeable about the vasthu concept the fear and regret has conquered me. So knowledge does not always mean power!
Anyways, I discussed this with my mom and she convinced me that a vasthu pooja before occupying the house would do good and definitely negate all the negatives that could have been caused because of non vasthu complaince.
So I have got my knowledge-power back now! Any new house surely I’ll apply my vasthu knowledge and then buy/build it.
Internet made me powerful !!!

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