Tause Idli - Cucumber Idli

I love any dish with cucumber. Cucumber pachadi, cucumber hulela, cucmber idli, cucumber uppittu... !! my mom makes lotsa varieties with cucumer alone and I love all of them. And if Im visiting home then cucumber idli will be the breakfast item always! this time she had made it little special by cooking it in 'Haldi Paan'.

Ingredients :
Rice 2 cups
Cucumber 3
grated coconut 1/2 shell
haldi paan

Soak rice for an hour or 2 and drain water and leave it for dyring on a cloth for an hour or so. once dried grind the rice to a coarse powder(rava).

The baking vessel what you see in the picture is a little misleading so let me explain that as well. We had purchased a cookware called AMC and it has a pair of bowl which can be used as an oven to bake stuff. we need to place water in one bowl and place the grater as a grill/support and then cover the set up with another bowl. we can bake cake also in the same set up.

Heat a pan and pour the peeled and grated cucumber. keep stirring it until the cucumber leaves out water and then add salt and sugar. mix the rava and grated coconut in it and keep stirring on a low flame for 10 minutes. When all the water is drained out turn off heat and keep the mixture to cool a bit say (for 5 mins). Now place the mixture onto the leaves and fold the leaves from all sides so that mixture doesn't pour out. and place it in the baking vessel. stack the filled leaves side by side and then cover the lid. cook for 15 mins. serve hot with butter/chutney.

To make Idli the ingredients remain the same. No need to heat the mixture before filling it in the leaves. It is cooked in normal idli vessel without the leaves.
keep the baking vessel ready and then mix rava and the rest of the ingredients in a pan and immediately place it in idli bowls and place it in the pan.
Cook for 20 minutes.
In the first method, the heating is done to remove the excess water from the mixture. if this is not removed then the water will drain from the leaves leaving the muddo very dry.
In the second method, the baking vessel has to be set and hot only then the ingredients are to be mixed.

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