Role Reversal

"Maaa.. I'm getting late... I will not have breakfast. I dont like your upma anyways....!! " I yelled tying my shoe laces. I can hear mom running around in the kitchen packing lunch box for me. She also pours hot milk in a glass and comes towards me.. I frown picking up my school bag and stomp! "I dont want milk ma...." Her eyes widen as if to eat me up and she makes me drink atleast half glass. I grumble all the way and complain to my dad. Dad has dug his head deep into the newspaper to have a mute ear to all the morning chaos that happens at home.

I pull up my sock, grab the lunch box say a grumpy bye to everyone and run to catch up with my friend who has been waiting all along for me, to go to school.

years later in MY kitchen

"Gosh..I had snoozed the alarm 3 times before finally throwing myself out of the bed rushing to start the usual morning chaos.....!!! switch on the geyser, pick milk from the bag hanging on the door knob,put rangoli,think of breakfast menu, pack lunch, get ready yourself...." I was late so made upma today! but somehow it didn't turn out well and I was scared that my husband would say "I will not have breakfast. I don't like your upma anyways....!!"
It is amazing how Time rules our lives and makes the past look like a delightful dream!
I'm thankful as my hubby is a real sweet heart and always appreciates my effort and not the final outcome![:)]
it is a bonus bonanza for me if my efforts result into very good outcomes!

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