I dream of colours

Spring sure is a great time in Europe. Lovely tree blossoms, bright colorful bulbs and all the exotic blooms  brings a sense of freshness and joy. For having lived in a tropical country all my life spring did not really make a lot of difference and neither did I appreciate the 12 hours of daylight, which I spent away playing with the kids from the neighbourhood. For me the season 'Spring' was only in text books. Only now I can understand all the fuss and noise about spring and its beauty. No wonder 'Spring' has been an inspiration for so many poets and all through my schooling I remember having to learn some of the spring poems and sonnets by-heart. The poem by William Wordsworth, "I wandered lonely as a cloud", beautifying the golden daffodils is quite a memorable one. Being familiar with all the usually grown Indian seasonal flower plants like jasmine, rose, hibiscus,lotus,lilly etc, daffodils was quite a new for ears and I was quite fascinated by the bunch of yellow waving daffodils. 

I saw a sea of yellow daffodils lined up along the streets in Antwerp and all I remembered was William wordsworth. 
Daffodils stretched in the never ending line

Daffodils along the streets in Antwerp

Daffodils tossing its head in sprightly dance. Held the base of the stem to get a steady shot.  

I dream of colors
I painted this today. Splashed all the colours from the palette and still feel that it is not enough. 


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