Necessity, need, want eh??

Necessity WAS the mother of invention. Not any more! How can you categorise the newest designer wear, e-reader , Luxury cars, Ferrari  racing car, IPad , Super sleek - paper thin laptop as necessity? all of these(and many more) are luxury items. We do not really need them as we can survive and very well be happy without them, although the 'need' of it keeps throbbing within you. I will not deny that the e-reader kindle what we recently purchased is an invention of the greatest minds; however we did not really NEED it. It was on my good-to-have items list and I gave hundred reasons to ourselves justifying why I need to own it and if I did not have one then how badly our reading habbits would be crippled and how boring the everyday journey to office would be. As a matter of fact I haven't read any book in years and a point to be noted is that reading puts me to sleep. Also the journey to office is only half an hour and most of the time I would not be able to read it as the trains are extremely crowded in rush hours and even if I tuck it in the bag, chances are that kindle might crack. So I am in possession of a highly risky , highly priced, highly delicate commodity which was not a necessity.
Kindle probably will be helpful for people who love to read, ofcourse, and where there is not enough place to stack the books they have read already. Well even they can give off books or circulate amongst friends, donate to the library to make space. Best Idea would be to join a competetive circulating library who have the latest books. Yet they need the kindle.
Say kindle is a necessary item, who can explain designer wear. Want want want!
All our 'needs' are fulfilled and only 'want' is wanting.
So the 'want of luxury' is the mother of invention these days.

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