Dark Knight

There are many incomplete sketches in my sketchbook and I blame it on the lack of classroom knowledge on sketching. Like say this "dark knight" concept, I had picturised it long time back but I did not know how to implement it as I cannot draw just out of my imagination, I need to have an object or a picture in front of me to see the light and shadow areas. So most of the times, I scribble a rough sketch to record the concept and the idea behind it and just leave it at that and spend time sketching from a photo or already completed painting.These blank pages are the ones I wish had gone missing when someone else is skimming through the sketchbook.  Today I chose to complete one such sketch, used my own hands as template. Would have preferred a nice slender hands with long fingers instead of the stout ones nevertheless quite happy with the outcome. By next two weeks will try to complete atleast 4 more of such. 
The original idea has the red bangle and the title was different too, but with this title I have half a mind to colour the bangle so leaving it as The Dark Knight! 
After a month of completing this I have changed my mind. Red bangles it is!!!  And there is a queen too..:) 
Dark Knight saving the queen! 
Now it is COMPLETE! 

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