Olive green, lemon yellow, mint green , lime fresh colours are instant mind freshners. From the entire palette of colours I love these shades, in fact all the bright hues that is a derivative of mixing green and yellow. Now since I have learnt to 'wash' my sheets before painting on and the job is so cool that I wash 3 -4 sheets at a time. I have done couple of sheets with this mint green, lemon yellow and olive green. I cannot really clearly accurately .. ly ..differentiate these but I know that the dried paint will belong to the green-yellow family. I feel like framing them just right away.
I really should learn to stop overdoing a painting. I tried to add effects and I was just spoiling the whole picture and had a hard time un-doing it! I really should get myself a wacom!
After painting this I made ginger, pepper and honey flavoured tea. Yes! I sprinkled a pinch of pepper powder in my tea and it was awsome!

Green - Tea.. Pictorially!
This is with the help of Henri Li's tutorial.


Anu Gummaraju said...

Oh lovely painting! U're talented!

Narayan Pillai said...

Beautiful work!! Love the colors. It was nice to go through your blog your sketches are excellent.

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