Water colour - Devi

I never used water colour since school days and I hardly know any techniques for water colouring.  So went through a lot of materials and did my research on acrylics, water colours and pastels and bought myself a Winsor and Newton student grade,  water colour set box. I wanted a built in palette as I did not want to mix colours on a separate dinner plate(as was suggested by some websites).
Compact set box 14 half pan colours
2 brushes - round synthetic brushes
8 " * 5" cold pressed note pad(20 pages).

During one summer holiday, I remember using my brothers' old and used camel water colour box which had 10 half pans. When I got posession of the box all the pans were having craters in them and yet I was glad to use it to colour the leftover pages in my school notebooks. I made some bad paintings which then ofcourse were my proud show items. I never tried painting again as I never got a hang of it.

Now with so much time at hand, I thought of trying again. I had tried oil painting some months back before I came to Brussels, which too was a bad experience. I chose the the 'girl with the pearl ear ring' painting to start of and did the outlines and laid the first coat of paint and this coat did not dry for almost a week . I am short on patience and I couldn't wait for the oil coating to dry and so had to leave it half way through.
 Before buying water colours I considered acrylics as well but since acrylics cannot be 'undone' like water colours I chose to go with water colours first and then upgrade to acrylics.

Deezden is a very good design website, I love the art work which Dithi shares there.  She had shared this 'how to draw a goddess for kids' in Gnaana and I liked it a lot. So made my first water colour painting.
A bit kiddish but whatever! You have to become a kid to learn new things isn't it?


Sound Horn Please said...

This is such a beautiful rendition of Dithi's work. I've bookmarked her Gnaana tutorial too, but haven't gotten around to making one yet. You are spurring me on now :)

Shilpa said...

Thanks for the encouraging feedback. comments always inspire me to do more ... Will definitely get on with my water colours now..
Yeah the tutorial is very detailed and its fairly simple and doesnt take long. you should give it a try sometime.

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