Walking Joys

I love to go on long walks and espcially tread those paths which I have never gone before as I love to explore new streets, better shortcuts for home, nicer grocery store.  Today after strolling headlessly just took a deviation and went to this Cinquantinaire park near the house. Huge park with a huge monument and an old arms and weapon museum. Surrounding this are huge trees and plain grassland and some neat benches here and there. At this time of the year all trees are barren but still I could note bunches of green still on the trees. I went closer only to find parrots perched on the trees basking the fading sun. It was soothing scene for the grey dull sore eyes.

When I first came to Brussels, I went to this park on the day when sun shone bright and sat on the bench and made this sketch. After fifteen minutes,the cold had seeped in through the layers I had on me and my hands were going numb. So managed to scribble and complete the sketch.

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