Heavy Weekend -Happy weekend

Internet and Idleness doesn't seem to go along together. There are so many things you can do by just sitting at home with the help of internet. you can manage an entire business by just sitting at home. Decide what you want to do, order the necessary items online,  Learn how to do it on the internet, take pics, upload and sell online.  when you are bored hit the recipe blogs and pick a dish and try it. If there was internet when my mom was my age, and if my mom knew to browse then I'm sure I would have had a very good fahion boutique to take care of by now. My mom is a super woman, she stitches, does craft work, she does yoga, she does gardening. She is like the 'handy-man' of our house .she can fix anything that is not right. She is always busy. She learnt to ride a bicycle when she was 45 and soon she bought herself a two wheeler. she roamed around the town in that for groceries and other casual visits. Now at the age of 55 she learnt to drive and she has got a driving license!
I am amazed the enthusiasm she has for learning new things and her determination she has to get it done. She is my inspiration.

Every time I make something special, I loose the urge to have it myself and I want someone to eat, taste and give honest feedback. Usually my husband is the guinea pig for me. 
Variety of Indian breads!
Friday Dinner:

Bhatura with Paneer butter masala

Saturday Breakfast :
Paneer paratha with a spoonfull of butter!

Paneer paratha in the making.Was very happy when paratha fluffed up like this. a bread with a stuffing generally doesn't bloat but the stuffing was spread so evenly it did.
  Sunday Brunch :
Butter dosa with Potato side dish

Recipes will be posted in the recipe blog soon.

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