Failed to Nail my Nail-Biting Ritual!

No More Bite"- Nail enamel did work brilliantly only for a few days though. I used to find it so bitter in those early days that anything I ate with my fingers would taste bitter. So nothing was Finger-licking good! Now it doesn’t taste as bad and I have started to like the taste which of course is duly defeating the whole purpose of why I apply it.

I started biting nails when I was in high school. My dad would bite nails whenever he sat in front of his PC and back then best imitation always was a talent well appraised . So whenever mom asked me to show ‘how dad does at his desk’, I would promptly-proudly show off my skills by actually biting my nails off.

Ever since then I have been biting nails and have been successful in reducing its size to half. Sometimes I bit it so hard that blood would ooze out of the edges and I couldn't eat anything hot or spicy with my hands. People say that you bite nails when you are scared. But I bit it for no reason. while watching television, listening to lectures, talking to friends, before dinner , after dinner. every time. It is more of an involuntary action in a comfortable position, which is usually my desk where i can rest my elbow on the desk and bend the arm in such a way that it is right next to my mouth. So usually one can find me with one hand on the mouse and the other in the mouth. eeeshhh!!!

At times I get so engrossed in biting I don’t realize that my head would have bent in a way cats do while eating fish! How horrible I must have looked and how disgusting it must have been for people to watch an ugly chewy head. Whoever has caught me biting nails might have thought a 100 times before ever shaking hands with me! So many a times mom has hit my hand when biting. Relatives, friends, neighbors everybody asked me not to bite and I never gave heed to what they said. Still after years, the count of which exceeds the count of my abominable nails, I still do bite. I have promised to many people and taken resolutions on the beginning of every new year ! But I have agreed so far with the fact that resolutions and promises are meant to be broken!

Two years back I met with an accident and just before falling out of the vehicle in which I was seated, I hit the handle rod that gave a internal crack to my front tooth. The tooth was quite sensitive for some time and I could not drink too cold or too cold,if I ever did then it would pain excessively. But even then I never refrained myself from chewing nails!

When my engagement date was fixed, I panicked and was overwhelmed with self-disgust! I was scared and ashamed to show my ugly filthy fingers to my would-be hubby. That’s when I decided to grow my nails and let myself out of this self 'infliction of pain'. But I had to do something about the nails for that D-day. I purchased artificial nails and glued it to the base of my nails , pretty confidently that it would stay unperturbed on them during the whole course of the event. It looked like a wig on a bald ugly mannequin. But the world was against me using false nails, I presume. Just before I stepped on the stage my would-be mother-in-law was supposed to take me by my hand to the podium and Bam! there it was ! She held my hand and all those pieces of plastic fell off my fingers and my nails were bald again when I reached the stage. !!

Recently my friend who is averse to my nail biting habit got me an Revlon nail enamel that is too bitter to be brought anywhere near the face. But the bitterness did not stand strong against the years of hard work and efforts my tooth enamel has been bearing to keep my nails short and trimmed always!

Well, that’s it. looking back and over the years and bestowing glory upon my feats, I have finally made up my mind to stop biting. It is a conscious effort willingly applied to fulfill the wish-list of my dear ones.! Hope I do succeed in this deed to show that I have a strong will-power and also that I do care for myself as well as for those who care for my nails. My nail’s well-wishers.

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Vinnu said...

He He he, that was one funny post, Being a nail biter myself i have tried to give up on it many a time and failed at it. Good Luck!!

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