Cheaters caught red handed at the gas station

This incident happened sometime in the last week at the HP gas station (southern end of Brigade Road).

There were 4 people in the station and two of them asked and re confirmed the quantity of fuel we had asked, at least 3 times, took the money and set the digital meter for the same. At the same time there were two guys near the rear end of the car. We found that fishy we thought it is best to check on the person fuelling the car . Apparently that guy had kept a big empty Castrol can behind our car and was pouring all the fuel into the can instead. no sooner we had gotten out of the car than the person who was fuelling removed the nozzle from the can and stuffed it in to the car inlet, and asked another guy to reset the digital meter on the board . We asked him what he was doing and why he was doing, He had the audacity to say that the fuel in the can was for the ‘other guy’. After yelling at them for the treachery, they reset the meter and put the fuel worth what we had asked.
The dodgy act was so well co-ordinated and incessant even after catching the guy red handed. This doesn’t seem like the first time they are doing it. The station is one of the busiest as it is near Brigade road and hence it makes it easier for them to cheat the customers, I guess even more after dusk.
Suppose you are alone in the car and want to fill fuel then you really have to have super power to note the meter settings, keep an eye on the guy who is fueling at the rear end of the car and also simultaneously watch the car dashboard. the last can be avoided if you raise the panes and lock the car before you step out.

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Uta said...

Good for people to know.

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